Monday, May 16, 2011

Displaying Video

For some time I have wanted to incorporate video with my students.  Not the video in the dvd player and sit in the classroom watching them watch TV type of video, I have wanted to have my students make their own videos and post them on the class website or on their classroom blogs.  The difficulty rest in the bindings of server filters, restrictions and controls.  Over the last couple of weeks the lining in the cloud has revealed itself.

One Google docs accepts video uploads and the Youtube like Video interface can be embeded where you like. Such as right here.

Second is a web based application one of my students discovered called Stupeflix  It is reminiscent of Photostory 3 but as a web based app it provides embed codes for your one minute image based and text videos.

Removing the tethers of video hosting sites makes student video production an exciting new frontier for my classroom.