Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Use your cellphone to create presentation backgrounds

This summer I spent some time tearing down an old garage
Most of us have cell phones of on type or another (or various ipods) with cameras. If you have ever been somewhere and saw an image that you wish you could share with your class, but forgot your camera? Psst...Its in your pocket. Most camera phones carry at least a 2 mega-pixel digital camera which is perfect for creating presentation backgrounds and images. It not difficult at all.

First after you take the picture enter your email address into your phone's contact list. Then send the image as a picture message to you email.

Next download the picture edit with any photo software and then insert it into your preferred presentation platform.

Its that simple. And you get custom images to use for presentations.

Taken with my LG Chocolate 3  2mega-pixel camera with no editing.
Have you ever wanted to do a project with your students using local digital photography.  Psst...Their cameras are in their pockets.

Below is a great set of dimple ideas to improve your cellphone photography skills.

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